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Close all the doors to the outside  Never let anyone in Trap all the pain inside  Hold it there, take it to my grave.  
I often wonder whoseBottle this once was,Was it mine that I availedOr was this his that he lost?
I wrote a letter, put it in a bottle
Let me tell you a simple story full of non-existent worry about a small boy who lost his father to a red and silver bottle filled with liquor clear as light
¡Qué refrescante acaba de ser dicha bebida!  Una figura cilíndrica que posee unos colores tan vivos  que es extremadamente llamativa a cualquiera que pasa enseguida de ella. 
what is worse feeling sad, lonely, worthless, ugly, horrible... or feeling nothing at all? i told myself i was recovering this is recovery but a little part of me is saying that this is not recovery
The Ladies will sit and rumor,
A bottle of Jack rests on the shelf in the garage. Alone and empty it sits, waiting for what? To be replaced by another just like it?
A little girl built a mighty fortress,Words. Of complexity and undeniable eloquence,What she hoped to be inside.
Bottle it up, plaster on a smile, Focus on grace, focus on style. If you have a disagreement, don't say it aloud, For if you do, your friends will frown. A lady does not whine or show her true feelings.
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