falling out of love

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You were my present tense And supposedly my future tense Everything seemed fine Until errors were made Now all you ever are Is my past tense
You are my coffee. A harmless drug of which I cannot get enough.   You are my coffee. The first thing I think of in the morning.  
My muse claims she valiantly loves me, She peers beyond my emerald eyes and speaks, Those breath-taking, ever sweet words of three, And my vexation's blood rapidly leaks, She bestows upon me Time's changing waves,
The shingles of my mind fall swiftly off their structure  as they would from an abandoned house. There isn’t a single thing that could escape from your lips,  or mine, that could rebuild what’s falling apart.
All i ever wanted was to make you happy but i guess i couldnt because you were too busy busy looking at other things rather than my eyes eyes you didnt know every night cries  
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