first date

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A comely Thai girl was sitting at the table with me. She gave me a sudden surge of libido. My heart was beating faster than normal. I was trying to conceal my nervousness, But my hands were sweating and shaking.
A place to ourselves as we cleaned off the shelves My, how things pile over time Our hearts were racing as our fears we were facing The whole night, I ate maybe a dime  
It’s been a long time, more than I’d care to admit, that I felt like this. Afraid because the last time I was hurt. The last time I was let down. Last time made me fearful of sharing myself.
I'm so in to you do I get through to youI want you so bad ....its driving me madBut then I think to myselfI want this to last ......cause you the best I've ever met.....and I don't want to ruin this just yet.....cause the feeling I get wi
Rough hand, gentle touch, cups cheek.  So lost, no words, can't speak. 
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