freedom riders

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We as a people are capable of so much We must use each other as a clutch We as a people must rise to the majestic heights So we can fight this battle like a medieval knight  
I watch the depot shrink as we begin The sweat now starts to form behind my knees. The vinyl seats make patterns on my skin. I look outside and see the moving trees. We're doing the Lord's word indie this bus
After the storm comes the rainbow, Vivacious colors splitting the grey. After the clouds shines the sun, Shining light through the tears of the sky. Storms are alive, in you, in me, in the world.
My splattered blood dries over the newly cemented pavement where my head collided, after my back got soaked and bruised from the fire hydrant cause I'm fighting the tyrant of segregation. You can crush
Everyone should take the bus to get to where they work Everyone should go to school without fear of being hurt Everyone should have a voice and know its precious worth These things flash through my mind
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