what would I change

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The gift of intellect was bestowed,
The first time he held my hand I wanted to cry.
If I could change the world, everyone wouldn't be rich and hardworking, they would be happy. Rather than worrying about having the most up-to-date iPhone, people would focus on spending quality time with family.
I would be happier, if I could More independent, I should Smile more and make the most of the day Carefree, I would stay   Do what I can when I can For who ever I can Be better and do better
If I could change any one thing small or big; I would fund the youth schools for better education for all of our kids. Education is stability, power, and success; So that we all can thrive and be our best.
What would I change? I would change the way we think instead if giving that homeless person a funny look give them a helping handing istead if assuming a person is a certain way because of third complextion
Wait and see:   Anarchism of archaism of clinical depression bought for $4.25 plus tax Cynicism of circular policy of mandating time and space as property right
Chaos Habit Imagine    universe  creatures humans   infinite large small   indistinguishable measurable perspective  
What would I change, you ask me? I dont even know where to start, Theres no much pain, curruption, hurt, drama is all i see. Through it all, i think there's one issue that biggest, it cant be denied,
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