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Impotent Impressionism, Simply symbolism; Raucous Romantics, Nationally narcissistic: Mystical Music.
Overwhelming desire, An internal fire, Requiring dedication, This eternal damnation: Creativity.
Track by track, Fact after fact, Wasting life away Every night and day: Listening test.
Paradigm shift, New garbage to sift; Approach questionable, Debatably reasonable: 21st Century Church.
Questionable as Art, Although from the heart; Void of theology, The entire body: Praise & Worship.
Soprano can be heard, Well that's just absure, Make the horns louder then; Ein Heldenleben: Richard Strauss.
Pleasure of sound; Meaning to be found; Ever a new direction; Spiritual connection? Music.
Punishment for sin, Air filled with the din; Hellfire and brimstone, Now for sins to atone: Dies irae, dies illa.
Scoundrels gifted, Christians jilted; Wagner delirious, Salieri envious: Talent.
Bodies transported, Distances toted, Removed from the house, Dressed in a clean blouse: Funeral home.
Musical history, Plenty of symphony; Century old tradition, Composers of location: Viennese school.
Post-Romanticism; Musical Nationalism; Influenced Humperdinck, Hitler too, I think: Wagner.
Heart in pieces, Pain never ceases; Sitting in the hole, Is this survival? Life.
Congregational singing,A dying, artless being;Intended for edificationAs well as glorification:Church music.
From rock to punk,My life's largest chunk;Now onto classical,The Romantics and all:Musical schizophrenic.
Aching when seperated,That, by each other abated;Love and laughter flowing;Together, always growing:Friends.
Millions of words, Few ever heard, Die in the dark, Without Inspiration's spark:
Dancing with sprites, Worse than brightest lights, Constant sound, Not a moment's peace be found:
Focus intent, Passions spent, In all the wrong place, Now just saving face:
Bend and tear, Break and wear, Vicarious pain, Nothing plain: Decisions.
Food galore, Relax and snore, Love and care, Cure from wear:
Up in your face, Put in your place, As if we care, Where's his hair...?
Prosaic demoniac, Raging maniac, Poetry, not prose, Mere dirt in your toes:
Serve the story, In the Whig of a Tory, Music was torn, Need operatic reform:
Ism after ism, Brand new schisms, Satan's great Fair, Speak if you dare:
Cognitive thought, Freckles and spots, Life and breath, A day stayed death:
200 years, Raise Euro beers, Salute the greats,
Slayed the Jabberwock, Put the Question to Spock:  Why is a Raven like a writing desk?
I've been tinkering with a form of poetry I can find no name for.  I call it Scarlequain.  It's in an AABBC form, with the first four lines describing the fifth line much like a riddle.
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