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The first time Olia broke up with me, I felt as if my life was over. I thought love had ended for her and me, but good fortune was on my side. After about two years had passed, she tried to rekindle our love.
Chores stacked like pancakes. And you wonder why i’m tired. I’m busy as a bumblebee. And you wonder why I’m mad. None of my bills are gettin paid.
Procrastination became the beginning to my inspiration. A journey debating if fashion was actually my passion. Outspoken, Powerful, and Fighter for my desires.   Confidence, and drive developed in such little time.
I've found something new to fascinate me. An old, abandoned apartment by the beach has taken my curiosity. What happened here? Every room is empty, every door locked. It's almost as if someone wanted to keep something out. No one comes here.
Urban streets, bustling with life in bright afternoons, Become quiet and cool on cloudy days and early nights-- A barren wasteland without thrum of foot traffic And screams of emergency sirens.
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