Curls NaturalHair Blackgirls

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Dear Ms. Arie I am my hair I am my skin I am also the soul that lives within Times have changed Ms. Arie I can walk around the office with wild hair and still be "irie" Dark skin is just my color
Society taught me to hate you To change you To do all I can to tame you But I realize you are a part of me I am who I am because you are who you are You make me different You make me unique
My locks of curls are a glamorous mountain of blown out dandelions.   “This is all my hair. No, I am not lying.”   My locks of curls, they fall from left to right.
I like the way they spiral twirling and tickling my neck. they get prettier when they drench the floor and my skin.  They get wild and mischevous breaking combs and little blue balls 
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