Being homeless

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          When you have nowhere to go It is a torrid way to live The shelters can only take a select few The homeless population continues to grow Imagine not having a roof over your head
As a child, I too had trauma and adult responsibilities  I too, slept in my car wondering when I would eat I too, had dreams of helping others while learning to love myself I too, worked hard to stand up
Dear Diary, It’s around 10 o’clock  The night is cold  And the moon is standing out, oh so bold
First came humiliatingly loud pink papers that gracefully draped our front apartment door screaming , “EVICTION NOTICE” every day after school Then came doors kicked in
Homeless are not a disease. Not all homeless do drugs. Not all homeless are thugs. Some homeless got kicked out of parents house because of life choices. We are people that have fallen but we are STRONG.
All I want to do is lay here and stay ; Thy kindest hearts always pray for a change ; But God don't answer when the skies are gray; The child inside me cries for no long range .
I wasted most of my adult life with a drug abuse, I was just a teen when I was first introduced, I always stayed afloat or was i always floating ?
You told me I couldn’t because you couldn’t You told me I shouldn’t because he should Your fists told me not to try I didn’t listen, even as they told me again   The bench was cold The hours were long
One Night turns to six, six turns to thirty, thirty turns to ninety a sleepover turns into three months in a basement. A look in the mirror you see your clothes shrink.
Dear Past Me, I know its so hard to let go. The world isn't against you like you always thought it was. The world is just the world. And You are just you. Be. Be awake every morning.
It's heartbreaking to watch him sit in the rain, to see all his emotions drain to plain. Nothing to do but watch the tree's bloom, rather than sleeping in a warm, caring room.
They call me "Homeless" but don't care to ask my name.I prefer "Street Dweller" 'cause the streets are my home. 
Watery eyes, gaze at the endless sky. A crumbling face, pale as moon Searching for hope in a nickel and dime.
America   Land of the... Oppressed Minorities, Sexualized children, Free Caucasian Males.   Home of the Bigoted, Racist, Perverted,
Another day, another night, what I planned in life is out of sight. I slept in that, walked over that. Found 2 of these, hid them in the trees. Hoping the authority doesn't see.
Procrastination became the beginning to my inspiration. A journey debating if fashion was actually my passion. Outspoken, Powerful, and Fighter for my desires.   Confidence, and drive developed in such little time.
“I fought in Vietnam. Watched my men lay down their guns.   Watched the life of my old buddy, Red, drain from his eyes. I heard the cries of a widowed wife,  as I told her, her husband died.  
I wander these streets just following my feet not knowing where to be just knowing where I've been by myself I Itravel but I never walk alone I'm  a stranger to these people
I'm looking for some help, but I ain't got any, People tellin' me to get off of the street I'm a war veteran, served my country, look at me now,
Homeless people the ones we choose to not help 
Being homeless is so terribly hard, And at times I don't want to live. I stand on many corners and streets, Just praying that someone will give.
Imagine having no home, no food, no money. Imagine having nothing ! The world all too much overlooks the homeless, ignores the homeless and even shuns the homeless.
Living in the forlorn world of slavery, being discriminated against by some of the white race- due to my colored face.
Homeless and single as a bill Their treated like roadkill When inside they are very ill They cry for help and food But still the stingy world is yet cruel A cry for attention is not all they seek
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