abuse poem depression self hate harm violence scholarship

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Momma I just wanted to say I forgive you.Even though you've blamed me for everything.To this day you blame me for your boyfriend leaving you all those years ago.how could I've possible stolen your boyfriend away?
Her Name Was Kate 
How could one girl so alone be Everyone's light? She sits by herself in an Isolated room. Everyone wants her to change, Wants her to be different. She is now a shattered girl.
The pain of waking up everyday With the same face staring you in the eyes The same dead glaze that says There’s no hope in fighting the pain that lies And you know deep down
No Doesn't mean Try to change my mind Or try again. It doesn't mean  Repharase the question,  Or Tell me come on. It doesn't mean pressure me  By saying it's been a month
I suffer from a chemical embalance Every day is a struggle To live, To fight Somedays I can open my eyes It's no longer dark I can see the light shining on me I can see I'm not truly alone
I’ve told too many lies to recall, I’ve stood in the corners and watched people fall, I regret most of what I’ve done, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be fun. I’ve grown far too simple and far too tired,
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