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Above the water I rise, crystal Light capturing, holding all that is  warm and enticing to the heart, body and soul. I offer energy that is pure, gentle and impenetrable.
Alone. Dazed and confused I stared at nothing in particular. I felt small and insignificant. I was young and inexperienced. My breath came shallow and rapid. What would happen? I did not know.
"My God, my feet hurt, ..." she exclaimed"... running back and forth. I feel like my lungsare going to burst."Out of breath and suffering from this curse, predestined on woman that her desire will
I want more of God than I've been seeking. I want more of the harvest than I've been reaping. I want more of the kingdom than I've been seeing.
Help me God cause I can't find my way. Help me God, I don't know what else can I say? 
I've been stuck in this storm a little while now and I'm really starting to get cold. Staying here in this same place, going through the same ole things are beginning to get old.
I may be lonely, but I’m not alone, and tho it Seems afar off, I know I’m almost home, I may be sad, but I’m not mad And when I look back over My life I know I’m almost home
He is The Inkwell. I Am simply— His words.   I Am The Words; sodden and esoteric. A solemn ship —masts and sails— Cast against still waters.   I Am— The shadow that fades
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