Italian Sonnet

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Oh ye that breaks the bonds of Soil's grasp, And swiftly ascends to the noonday sun. Where light shows where thine true colors run, And ye which strikes onto skin like a rasp.
Where have you gone? These walls feel so alone. This burning earth in which I stand upon, Whilst you are floating freely as a swan. I now must walk through the flame to atone.
In these bootless days of pondering this My heart lays dormant and still in my chest Like the hand on a clock, not at it’s best Waiting for my prince enveloped in bliss
Some call hidding ones true self a mask but reality is not that simple "mask" is just an icon, a symbol removing it a futile task truth becomes cloudy like frosted glass flask
Growing up is just like falling asleep.
Legato, my heart, but sing with sweet joy The eternal tide of time tarries on Even though these moments have long been gone That is only our cruel mind’s clever ploy Dreams do not fade or fly; dreams do not die
If you love something you'll let it go but freeing her won’t help me to find peace. An ordinary man once, now a fleece Once rich, she's daughter to a merchant broke. A tune she hums; it blooms my wilted hope.
False Antics There Hamlet dragged the body which he slain Acting truly antic in Gertude's sight Some say that young Hamlet has gone insane However, his dark deeds led to insight  
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