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She was lying on the groundHer blood flowingEvery nerve in my body cried out Siren screams, my soul erupted into the nightAnd the beings retreated into the abyssWhen I saw that, I ran to her
“Lena, you really need to grow up.” Those were words I found myself saying a lot to Lena.She was acting out more and moreand as her auntI didn’t know if I had the power to stop her.
I wasn’t like the other girlsand to be honest, I loved it. I loved the freedom,the power,the ability to bring someoneto their knees. I was the boss.
The end of the worldit finally camejust like the bible said it would.The skiesthey were darkthe air was thick and chokingit smelled of brimstonethe ground shook with every step I made.
The world had changed.Nuclear war had seen to that.Two powers fightingAlana wanted to sayone was evil and the othergood… But things weren’t so black and white.
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