'queer culture'

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Dear Mom and Dad,   Let go of the daughter you thought you had Let go of the idea that a vagina defines my gender Let go of what those doctors told you  
Family They are everything To the outsider, we are perfect. No rough edges. No problems. No imperfections. No one sees the internal workings of a broken machine.
Prestera. men varför? - Makulera. men vad då? för att etablera mig, nya versionen som ändå klänger och sträcker sitt håll på minnes handtag för att ju en dag skulle jag säga att detta allt var värt att kämpa för livet vilkets meriter har blivit mi
  A girl half alive half dead She never really was alive But I have always loved her Her soft and gentle hands that I adore in all who touch mine
Bureaucratic liars hand out commands Empty-headed sheep obey Free-thinkers get shot by men in blue
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