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Echoes of past memories flow through the musician's mind Bringing the warm,fuzzy feelings that reminiscence brings Ones of songs, dances, and rhythms all intertwined
Death is only a heartbeat away From melting like deep red wax And a candlelight vigil The hearse draws near funeral pyres Yet to be lit in homeage Showing respect to a life that passed Don't be aghast
I saw on the news that people were protesting wearing the cloth masks in public spaces because it violated their rights.
I came into this world physically born of my two parents. When I accepted Jesus, I accepted the Word into my heart (spirit). I died to my old, sinful nature and was spiritually reborn into a new life. 
As the day comes to a close and night approaches, my body gradually becomes weaker and weaker. With the rise and fall of the sun, my spirit becomes stronger and stronger.
The bell sends its vibrations through the mountains  through the barley fields changing their sweep shaking the gravel in prestigous old man's drive way rippling the water in the marble  fountain of knowledge.  
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