'beauty' 'self love' 'love yourself'

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These thighs of thunder  Plunder  The skies  Catch your eyes As you realize  The wonder  Of my color  And size 
The life after death  Metamorphosing Spirits of the past life Guide me with your wings  Take me to Zion  The pinnacle of your light 
  Do not block ur sunlight  You better shine  Beams bright and bouncing  Out the clouds  Tall, dark, heavy clouds 
The things that inspire me might seem ridiculous to others, But they are the things that push me further. The swoops of edges,  The forest of fiery,thick hair, the chocolatey eyes that, to others, seem dull, 
World slips through my fingers so fast I don't know what I'm missing, it doesn't matter.  The person I am around you is who I truly am, I'm falling for you but I'm also falling for me.  I lay beside your heart, love nest. 
10:07pm (12/23/2019) a lot’s been going on for the longest amount of time, but if i were to be honest with myself for just a moment,
Why do I love myself? only because I learned how but how did I learn self love? simple it seems yet so complex inspired by silence and serenity the ability to explore yourself in the unknown
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