' 'fear' 'mental illness' 'depression'

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I’m a shell of who I was I'm just an actor in this performance I dance to the music of my sweet sorrows But the stage is still empty   I am the Director
being trapped in your mind is lonely stalagmites of daily anxieties towering, rising higher than the murky fog blocking out escape, amending your fate. cesspools of agony, longing to desecrate
For some, the passage of time lingers on, so many grains of sand, dropping, slowly, one, grain, at, a, time, an eternity for one without love.
Heart; BLACK (edited version) **************
Vantablack merges into the newly discovered dark.Where it dances in reverberation,Gallivanting cryptic thoughts,Halting the predestined fortune. Corruption waivers through, rippling the pallid illumination.Merelyy enticing re=compensation,abolishi
                                                                                Down   Deafening whispers surround me. The quarters so squalid, There is no room for day planners or sunny days. My eyes scream,
Today has made me feel very dark For the last month it gets dark and adds a pain to my heart I don’t miss the school or the stupid fools in it  But I miss the time away from home 
Part I Disgraced and totally tortured.  Surrounded by the reminisce of pain.  Falling from grace with arms wide open. 
I tried my best, I really did. I used all the definitions in the book. To try and make you understand the scribbles in my head. For I keep shouting that my art is meaningless; it holds no value in its tears.
do you feel my brush strokes as i spread the paint across this page my art comes in words and my heart comes in pieces Because of you.
the taste of your tongue is still on my lips and the feeling of your fingers is still on my skin and you both left  bruises 
Shallow breathing, clenched chest.  They shake vigorously, as they try their very best.   They watch the clouds go by. Mesmerized, they let out a sigh.
Attachment is the enemy of man, A flame and all you know a fan. A dreadful thing yet sought out by many, Only god could have such a sick sense of irony. Seeking out the tiger in the dead of night,
It’s in my head and driving me out of my mind. It’s difficult to deal with and I’m overdosing on pills to heal it. Falling in line and again I’m outta my mind… drown me back into my pile of pills I wanna dwell in it,
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