'Gay' 'climate change' 'inequality' 'racism' 'strong woman' 'quantum' 'top 10' 'lgtbq' 'rights' 'africa'

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Can we beat the system? Can we beat going into a store and not getting shot down  Can we beat not getting accused of rape Can we beat not getting followed home  Can we beat not getting burned at stake
THE ULTIMATE PRICE Ever felt much weight on your neck That makes it feel like you can't breathe? You can't move your neck? I have
OMG! What the hell? Jimmy White is EDL. Everytime he pots the black He secretly hopes it won't come back.   Snooty Snooker why don't you Join the back of that racist queue.
STOP! Red Leicester struggled under the weight of the christmas tree, which leant to one side like a club-footed veteran. Edam sniggered derisively through plumes of ciggarette smoke.
My tears are like oranges.
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