historical figures

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Old crusty I think you thought you were Witty Clever old man But I can see you Looking down The slow, Sassy Mississippi Remembering boyhood days And you make me
He came to help Despite the king's order Brave young man Brave enough to ignore a king Brave enough to fight for a foreign country Brave enough to stand in defeat And later, brave enough
I pity you, Nathan You are brave to venture on such a mission But you do not know your danger Do not trust so easily, Nathan Hale You die bravely But you needn't have died at all
My dear Betsy Ross We are in dire need of a flag How can we make a nation Without a symbol? How can we fight a war Without a banner to fly over our heads? Please, my dear Betsy Ross
Deborah Sampson, you have a courage That we look at now with admiration I would have done the same If they won't let us fight as ourselves We will fight as them I think it would have been glory
They call him hypocritical For writing about freedom But keeping his brother in bondage He is a Founding Father too Writer of the Declaration Yet he blacked out portions Of his Bible
Humble birth Humble man Horrid wife But tragic life Lincoln, I applaud you For your sacrifice
So many poems Have been written About this man That there's not much to say Except What if he was just a normal man?
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