Modern Mythology Scholarship Slam

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Being the popular girl in school is hard Everyone coming up trying to talk to you while you're just trying to get far Trying to keep everyone happy but it never works
All the moon knows how to do is consume, And reflection was never enough for me Hubris- is a dangerous thing. I was 17 when we first kissed,
Some time ago, Someone once said, Look in the mirror, with Bloody Mary in attend, Three times the charm, and happiness will shed. Now it is said, As time has past, Open your phone,
Typing out extensive conversations No face to be seen through the screen Watch as her coy smile builds    Aiming to prove some point 
Hades overgrown mutt, one monster three heads. Hades creature on a leash,  laying many in their deathbeds    Hades wife saw naught. A sweet pup full of love, taking long walks in parks, 
stares as I walk by, shine wherever I go, beauty pouring from my frame,  I am a walking goddess. 
Oh nymph Oh nymph Take a picture with your flower crown Take a picture of your flower garden Don't forget your flowery, flowy dress Don't forget your cherry lip gloss
Harsh, bright light -  A concussion  Ringing in your ears.  Feelings of regret, Yet of power.  Sorry, not sorry Never apologize
Athena, goddess of wisdom, A power source for intelligent women everywhere, With her sparkling gray eyes and mind full of thoughts, She's a teacher for women, A woman who lifts others up
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