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texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,get tired like gates i dont get tired still in the mix still in the shine still in the groove to smooth to even get tired get got up a notch in thelead its the realness cant you feel me i dont get tired ever whatever forev
texas,don.g.nutt,59.poem,wigg splitter head busta known to be a bad muthai,fuckai, tuffai, then leather know one split the wigg more better hear the beat feel the tune keep ya heads ringging im blingging the hardest to ever hit the streets to reap
texas.don.g.nutt,59.poem.sipping still  pimping hanging still bangging still up high off that seed puffing on that weed still sipping front an center on the spot texas,don,g,nutt,59 got the game on hold the car on swangg the trunk on bang screw in
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,weatherman,stand any weather as blow an storm to the rain the wind the world the twist of life the weatherman upon the news stand this one is the weatherman of the society of life street weathered know one knows me any bet
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem.southeast southern boy from around the way never ever fraud hood hard the best to be put to test known to be just me whatever it do been from the tex bar no flex southern southeast coast to coast still better then most ave
pretty girl can you texas,don,g,nutt,59.poem,can you see me ooh pretty girl ooh sexy lady can you see me everytime you open up your eyes ooh pretty girl every time you awake all i wanna know can you see me sexy woman ooh pretty girl,pretty from th
texas.don.g,nutt.59.poem.devia,devine,so devia devine she is from the long maine hair to her pretty color eyezs, this devia devine so cute she rich thick devia typa chick bad in the face bad in the body she right she tight she me for just the nigh
texas.don.g.nutt.59,poem,tempted.tempted by the feel thats so real tempted by the sight it could be day are night im tempted to touch to see tempted to taste the better an best part of me cant you haters imatatiers see tempted just to be all of me
texas.don.g.nutt.59.poem.prettythang pretty from head to toe the prettiest youngthang to know tosee pretty so good comeing from the ghetto hood others wish they could pretty young thang a great pyt like mike say look this way look straight towards
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