'grow up glow up scholarship slam

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They always ask you who's your greatest role model, So once I asked a younger peer how they answered. The girl said, "Well, actually I said you." I was taken back. I still saw myself of searching for a role model,
  i pulled up suddenly upon approaching a yellow light  jolting awake after a falling dream where i drove off  of the end of the bridge thinking of the visual cliff 
I reienvented myself a couple times in high school I had been a "good girl" But being a rotten apple started to feel pretty cool However, my grades made me see that was not the right thing to be
Ever since she was a little girl She wanted to know how to succeed in our world They said in order for you to slay College is the way
Childhood is composed only of soft recollected things. Nothing is strung together in an incisive timeline, and often I find myself pulling at gauzy memories; a collected,
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