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I look around I see the beauty of the world As it revolves around me  I hear all my 30 of my friends calling my name Telling me to hurry up and come play I touch my smoothe skin 
She was young and full of energy    She was misguided and corrupted    She was funny and mischievous    She fell and felt pain    She was loud and proud  
  A stranger knocked upon my door I went to run away To hide upstairs inside my room Until they’d gone away  
Long ago I walked through the store aisles hand in hand with Ma, Never did I wonder the price or qualities of those treats and goodies that I sought,
My mother may not have a green thumb Or be able to keep a plant alive But she did plant the most important seed of all The seed of love to help me thrive
I played outside  Sifted through the sand  The trees were my friends, my enimes and my mentors   I spent time in forts On islands I created  I was the ruler of my own world     
Here is your flower, you only get one You’ll come to see its precious by the time I am done It is something many will try to take, but your grip you cannot break
Betty.  You fight for your life underneath all the clothes that have begun to lose their meaning, But I think you are the most meaningless of them all.
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