'college' 'life' 'decisions' 'empower' 'growing up'

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College is an experience that was transitioning for me My first job to pay for books and tuition that even loans couldn’t cover
Walking across the stage, Head held high, Smile on my face, Proud of myself. I made it. Thinking I’m grown now, I can handle anything, No problem. Summer went fast, Had me a blast,
10th grade includes panic attacks in the bathroom 10th grade involves fake laughter at rude jokes 10th grade includes the first trip to a therapist  She feels upset.
Family dinner:   "Have you picked a major yet?"   I am not a kid  
Along the path behind my home, The wild lime green bends. Surrounded by golden poppies a throne Wrapped in overlapping threads.   A concrete path laid before, Its white velvet left unscathed,
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