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Little star? Oh how far you've come You've been traveling from eons away Such a bright light shines from your dome   Little star? It is going to be okay We know it is a little cliche
i still don't consider myself a poet no matter how many words that fall from the sky that aid me in meshing the feelings i feel can protect me from the world opinions will still eat away at my mind
Long Hair Short Hair Eyebrows on fleek Gloss on deck But is that all beauty is? What if you bully someone? Are you still beautiful? No you're ugly It doesnt matter what is on the outside
I love you. It’s amazing how those three words can make your stomach do somersaults— yet worry you to the fullest.  It doesn’t even matter who says those words..
My heart you miss used  Feelings abused   And then you have the nerve to ask me why you losed me   You overused me   You accused me of being like everyone else   You wanted the perfect romance 
I find it strange, that I've found myself Loving you so well And just for you I have changed for you And I lived for you And yet as I did this, I never stopped to see how we've changed
We all start off CARELESS, wonderful and free How did the day come when CARES came to me Everyone walks around with these complex machines  These machines are of the devil , they alter our reality 
The Lies You Tell by: Varmstrong19   Mirrors are objects people should be comfortable around, almost like a person. Accept, mirrors can’t talk and instead, you talk for them. Mirrors shouldn’t be looked at as “the bad guy”.
When You look at the mirror what do you seeThe devil in your eyes or the angel of your heartYou attempt to stay silent the beatles runing
I wish I could tell myself back then that, people don't care what you look like, how small or thick your thighs are, or what size you wear. What they do see is, the redness from your tears,
Addressed to the hater within me: You see my heart break that’s about me the pain you caused devastation you cause that’s about me
  “In the eyes of a mother I see you as my daughter. I see you as a gift sent from the heavens. I see you as a woman who will grow to be strong and independent.”   “In the eyes of a father
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