'Concept of time'

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It keeps escaping me Slipping through my grasp  Itcontinues to pass Running laps on my ass Never know when it’s going to be my last
Can we Stop the hands of Time? The answer is Yes.  You Stop     Time perpetuates  You Move   Time Accelerates The logic of time is Ironically in your hands
I don't know what to believe, I don't know what's happening to me. I'm stuck in a void of past and future here. The present's overrated,  maybe it's supposed to be that way.
My house is a time capsule. Memories reside within every wall, In every stain, and in every scratch. Pictures freeze a candid moment
Clearing my mind, whats real whats fake, I see the sighns of heavens embrace. Your color is red my color is green, We can be blue together as two. Your color is yellow my color is pink,
Time is a powerful concept that we live our lives by. Even before we are born we have our lives mapped out and have a deadline to accomplish our goals.
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