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I am bile in her belly, Keep rumbling, stay hungry, So I don’t eat her alive, Her saline hands pound my baby skin, Clush clonk, chop,
Cover up the mirror cuz I can't stand the sight of me Every single organ is on fire on the inside of me Stewing in a brew made of black coffee and anxiety Burning to the marrow of my bones who I had tried to be
Remain untouched by the love and acceptance of the other Stay beyond of life and people's circles You're all alone  The best you can do is to hide yourself from your mother
Some people need to know that they are loved  They need to know so they can carry on   This reassurance that they behold  Is their insurance for a safe home
i wish we had never met, i wish we had never kissed, never fucked, i wish i had never taken your hand in mine, i wish i had never given you a ring,
I feel pain deeply Deep in the very chambers of my heart I feel it in my blood Coursing through my veins Race car drivers on their last lap
two storms met a pair of amber gems and the whole world stood still what do you want turned into whatever you want and two ruddy organs
Dear girl that doesn’t know im in love with her, Despite the major hints i keep dropping I thought of you again today, Because the sun was yellow and warm
A Phase Ago By: L Bonaccio   A phase ago I was stark, eager to please, and conflicted I constantly reassign the person I am to fit into a box so I won’t end up alone
The Gods still live They can be seen everyday If one knows where to look   Artemis is standing in the crowd of feminists Wearing a pink-knit hat Calling for equality  
 Men birth a baby tooone that develops inside the male womb Sometimes they learn from their ill mothersthat neglected or beat them with a spoon
Dear my bully, Why must you hurt me?Why must you pick on me, laugh at me, push me.trip me? Is there nothing better for you to do?Are you not afraid of the consequence?Are you not afraid of the backlash?
                                                              Society Life is a blessing. Happiness is a blessing. Violence, negativity, and envious behavior is not.
See Me for Me   Let me tell you You see me on the outside and think you know who I am Let me show you Who the real person is underneath the lamp But you look at my face and hear what I say
Feeling unattractive according to the misled masses?  To help you feel completely worthless mutilate the surface. Want to kill for protection or the thrill?
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