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I've been alone so long with my heart filled with pain. I fake smiles so that no one can see or wonder what truly left these scars inside my brain. My tears are endless every night I cry.
Lies they told you- lies you tell,  in the middle lies right  of the wrongs they sold. Unfold, the twisted the twined-
Somewhere light years away, Afloat in the atmosphere. Show me, The vast flavors and colors Of the core.    Punch through the shell.
A person’s honest hue only appear on the most dire situations, such genuine pigment are the brightest in tribulations. In such a trial, their tone will either compliment or contrast with you
I look you in the eyes You give me the look- Curious Waiting to hear what i have to say But are you really? Do you really want to know the truth? Would you embrace my critique
Blossoming remorseSage scented liesBlank minds begging to be divorced from themselvesDiscouraged by the aroma of the room.
As far as one can go, as far as the eye can see. Each time, each step the distance grows near... Once there, another goal to reach is given. The footprints you leave have been set by your presence.
Alibies in the morning, scheming and jiving, reactions and infractions.   The more negitive we are, the deeper we get, the more we regret, while we regret we forget.  
Every human likes so pretend the do not have something else, self indulgent on their minds.
I have been blowing through all manners of proper English grammer to get my point across.
Ahh.. what draws people like us to the horror? Edgar knew. He knew so much he drank himself to death and ended up in a ditch.
I fear the inside of my own brain. How twisted a thought is that? I have accomplished many things in my life but the pursuit of my own happiness. 
LIES ARE THE FOUNDATION OF ILLUSIONS INDUCING DELUSION    It's all lies. "You can't " lies. "This is life, that isn't life" lies.
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