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The dragonflies in my stomach brought a nausea so strong I could feel it burning my throat.
Like a stick and poke tattoo, Your color has faded  From my skin over time. But, the scars you have left On my wrists and my thighs Remain. 
I lay on my side. I feel the earth spinning. My eyes have a hard time staying focused on the walls. I haven’t felt the urge to close my eyes
I saw him sitting on my bed Hunched over, head in his hands Wearing his favorite collard shirt. He looked lonely, sad, empty. He wasn’t really there. He never really was. The ghost of him 
The weight of your  Broken promises Became too heavy For my finger to carry. I walked to the river And left your ring  For the water To drown. I counted the water ringlets 
You live In every little crevice Of my mind, In every little crack Of my heart. You are a part of me; How do I erase you?
Do you think of me As you turn on your fan to fall asleep? Do you hear my heartbeat And my gentle snores in the night? Do you feel me under your old blanket,
Would it make you happy If I told you That I can still feel Your arms wrapped around me; Suffocating me, Burning me?
Whenever you get the chance, Please, Think about what we had. Not what we should have had Or could have had, But what we did have, 
I sat with Death in the front seat of my car  Under the old rusted street lamp down the  street from my home. I found him sitting in the shadows off the 
It makes me sick To remember our names Were one used together. It makes me sick To remember I used To write your last name after my first. And now, Just the thought of a lemon
It's truly tragic, Don't you think? That you can't see yourself As anything but Ordinary. It's as if You are blind to the Extrodinary. Or It could be
You don't visit the home I built for you In my head as frequently. I'll see you from time to time When you stop by with a quick glance Or quick smile; But those aren't as frequent anymore.
1. The left side of my face has more freckles than my right side.  2. The world I live in is different now, the colors are starting to come back. 3. I never learned your favorite color.
I miss holding your hand as you fell asleep. Laying on your chest, listening to your breath And the way you would adjust So your legs were always touching mine.  
Some days our meadow is peaceful; The daisies sway with the breeze  And our river sings a tune. Some days our meadow is on fire; Burning the grass with such passion No one else could ever know.
Listen. There is a beat, Soft, but clear.  One, Two, Three; Listen. There is a beat.  Getting louder, faster.  Four, Five, Six; Listen.
They call me Green after my eyes  But I’m beginning to think they’re telling me lies And that name is merely a disguise To hide the fact that I am Blue. You can see it in all that I do
She sings herself soft lullabies To calm her fears when she cries. Sleepless nights but she says she’s fine, Chaos runs wild in her lilac mind, Flooding into her ocean eyes.
Birds in my stomach And fish in my brains, I have not slept in eighty-eight days. My thoughts hold hands With loneliness in the dark And I can’t fall asleep With the light.
Broken people  Are your specialty. That is why  You loved me. I was your project For a short time. Until you fixed me to the point  Where if you left, I’d be just fine. I was fine.
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