'feminism' 'women' 'men' 'scary' 'sexual assault'

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My dear,  they will tell you  you are not enough  and that you are too much.  They will say  stay in your lane 
They said Body is shame So I hid every inch of it growing up Thanks to your uninvited stares that now clothes feel like a trap
The first time I grew up, I was ten years old. I was wearing a blood red dress And a wide-eyed, prepubescent smile.   My mother bought me ice cream
At five years old I am pushed off my scooter by a boy with dark hair. I sit in silence as I wait for the teacher to escort me to the nurse’s office.
Fear, a word that made me feel hopeless A word that made me think my pain was endless Fear for me was in the representation of a man You never know your strength  You never know your worth
It's a scary time to be man right now One woman comes against you Speaks out and bam you're in jail   Do we deserve this?
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