' 'fear' 'lost' 'alone' 'sad' 'hurt' 'goodbye' 'i'msorry

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I don't regret it I don't even cry After you left me When I get lonely alone I am drenched in the rain As I turn my back under the sad streetlight I will cry goodbye when no one is looking  
I walk home in the scalding heat, To prepare myself for an eternal sleep.I talk to me and ask me, 'why?'What hurt me so much to say goodbye? 
don’t let the good times cover the bad soak in those moments but never feel sad   to have felt such joy is a blessing alone let go of that boy put down that phone  
the constant fights they have to stop I'm tired of sitting here with my mop here to wipe your tears at your command you don't put in mind my need or demand   I'm always in the middle
You're words have  me captive your heart has me captured I just want to see you I'm never going to leave you   your girlfriend kinda hates me
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