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[W]RITE and write until the words become worlds [R]ISE above mountains and clouds made of ink [I]NTO mystical realms crafted by quills [T]AME thy readers with a masterly piece [E]XPLORE the universe hidden within
Permit me to tell you about notebooks, Taunting, empty, clean, white space But always running out of pages. Thoughts that seem magnificent Can look so very small on paper. Yet my notebook is,
Wear my poetry.On your skin.Recite parts of me. On your stretch marks.Carry my sensuality.On your tongue. Speak. Only about us.
“Complaining is easy,writing is hard”Gun Roswell Write More, Complain Less Why do I write? Simply, because it feels rightIf I did not writeThe page would be quite whiteTherefore, I continue to write Writ
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