'feelings ' 'confusion'

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Am I sad? Am I happy? Am I satisfied? Am I jealous? looking so gloomy and empty, with a gaze hotter than fire, i stared at the sun for hours, yet I can't feel my eyes blazing,
  i have just realized  that my feelings do not matter that they are just “whatever” to people i must keep this wall around me
I wish I was that man. With words that could help you understand My feelings overwhelm me in passion. Yet the second I try to speak, my words turn to dust.  
By: Amelie Ando Feelings Inside Dreams    A feeling inside me creating butterflies, As words spill out with a warm breathe, My heart pounding,
Carelessly drifting My mind on my soul The music takes me away. Desperately seeking My mind on the journey And the thought of finding the way.
When i Listen Your "Voice" My Heart Feels, The pain And Love At Same  "Times"
Between the form of life and life Sighed all in vain and felt sorry I confused all things, still -- and thousand questions I ask Had I not this, or this Thou hast not me, nor me
Eyes so kind; lips so sweet Body so divine; hair so sleek   You love so deeply and trust so easily, Or so you did before just recently.   I gaze at your smile and want to make you happy,
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