my future

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What are you so afraid of? As if the more I ask,  the more I will become overnight. As if a shooting star could shine among the constellations,  telling me that they're all wrong.
The clucking of chickens The mooing of cows What wakes me up Is what puts me down   It's hard to wake up when the sun isn't out,
I open my eyes , I close my eyes, I lay down, I wake up, Nothing has meaning. Everything is the same.      You mean nothing. I mean nothing. THIS. ALL. MEANS. NOTHING.  Without motivation, my world is a blur
  Leigh Duncalf February 15th, 2015 Power Poetry Slam Scholarship What I Carry   I carry the crushing weight of Responsibility.
You look at me and see one thing and not the other,two sides so different you could call it my evil brother. one sees the smiles the proper way to talk, the other is vulgar and was taught how to stay hard as a rock.
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