'2018' 'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’ 'recovery' 'rape' 'strong'

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Lets play a game    Lets play a game he said its gone be a lot of fun  Lets play a game he said ready or not 3, 2 , one  This game is called riding the horsey  Sit on top of me and say wooh crazy horsey. 
To My Mother Momma he beats me. What do you want for dinner? Leftovers sound fine.   To My Rapist Bruises are bone deep, Your name is burned on my skin,
It wasn’t until decades later that I realized it. She knew. Tell me mother, what was the street value of your youngest? How many hits did I buy you?
Your hunger for wanting what was between my legs at the age of five. All the blood coming out making me empty inside. My childhood being torn away like a leaf floating in the air.
My body is a aching, trembling,  thinking about him. How he  held my shoulders down, then used his right hand to  squeeze the life out of my throat. I remember,  everything. 
12 Since we were young we were tought  If a boy hits you, bullies you, he likes you Any girl would kill to be in your position And you know the boys love submission 14
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