Healing inspirational poetry

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There was a muttering of three distinct sounds.It came from breathe and moved mountains.Expanded galaxies and realigned solar systems.Neighbors glanced and bounced off each other
You’re the sweetest melody playing within. The thumpy-thump in the midst of my heart. The soothing, mellow tune lulling me to sleep While I lie quietly, still, listening in the dark.  
Dried creek bedsLonging for their tearsSomething amongst the fallen leavesof dust covered hopes and floors
This is a perfect worldA world that although not perfectly round,although it seemingly wobbles like a top in its uneasiness and discontent with its occasional imbalances,
I’m writing to you this now, because it has come to my attention that this is a serious issue.   You are so very beautiful, so intelligent, caring and kind. And you have so much to offer.
Evasive splashes rise and fallLeaving but a trace of mistTo reflectThe taste of aweFor gaping jaws to admit
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