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  I try and try to hold, to no prevail as my labial frustration spews and echoes through halls with paper thin walls separating us from the stares, I don’t care... I DON’T CARE  
When the world keeps rolling and the days keep coming and your routine stays the same, but the challenges persist and you're lacking courage and you're only just starting the game,
I don't understand  Life goes by in a daze So many thoughts, so many opinions, so much to live for I feel like i should be someone else   But it's a lie When I'm alone I feel happy But it's a lie
As children we are told Right and wrong are black and white And the hard line between them is time and place That green means good and red means Stop  
I try to hide the parts of me that's vulnerable, If it's not exposed, then I won't be exposed, Don't get me wrong, I do have a heart for you, And I just don't want you to think my heart is cold;
You call yourself a family but live so unhappily mom smiles in people’s face but  when she’s home puts people in their place Dad stays quiet , don’t know what to say depressed with the life he live
How am I truly supposed to feel? Am I supposed to feel warmth every time I  say those three empty words?  Am I supposed to feel intoxicated every time I  say those three empty words? 
Books This one or that one Never the same But never different Vampires or witches
It's a struggle My body squirms every time my thumb hits the blue arrow Reveal too much and I become a slave, she's the Jew's Pharoah Conceal too much, she may turn away, This is my conflict, my new peril.
Love is an emotion you cannot control, You can’t and shan’t choose to feel it, Development of yourself is replicated, Unfortunately your weakness is emphasised.   Love makes exceptions to flaws,
Do you know? I don't. Someone has to. Not me though! I don't know. Maybe you do, Can you tell me? I've been trying to understand, But I haven't figured it out yet. If you know,
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