'mental illness' 'depression' 'Pain' 'sadness' 'despair 'lonely' 'teen' 'bully'

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A day goes by, Little no-one knows, Presence here, Twinkle Toes,   Amingst the masses, Daily business ensues, This is work, The work we choose.   Yet lacking is joy,
I have no feelings. Except sadness I just feel the tears Falling Falling The only thing about me that changes are my moods They just keep Swinging Swinging
To the skeletons in my closet and the demons in my head,   I just need you to that I need to sleep when I go to bed   You come to me in the middle of the darkness of the night
Can't keep a diary when there's no such thing as privacy It hurts Trapped in my body trapped in my head Who's keeping us together? Baby boy stops her from shattering
Oh my darling,What the world has thrown youWhat mother nature has cursed to youHow your beautiful mind has turned on youFor it is a rose flourishing in an endless supply of knowledgeEveryone could see its beauty
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