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I have never done anything wrong I was a good daughter. I never lashed out.
You deserve better. You both deserve better. You deserve better than this or that.
Holding on to a relationship that is dead and gone is worse than just leaving. Why would you stay to make the pain worse? Why would you try to salvage something unsalvageable? It's not going to get better.
I never thought that there would be someone after you. I never thought that I would have to restart my life without you in it.
my body wears a pattern of scars as intricate as expensive lace. my body is branded by beautiful tattoos of none other than that of pain. my body refuses to be physically marked
I hear wolves howling in the distance, I see nothing, I hear the hooting of the night owl, I see nothing, I hear the trickling of the creek,
Pardon me old friend but I fear the end Is it near or far drown out I do not know
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