'2017' 'becauseiloveyou' 'slam' 'positivity'

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Because I love you, honesty will be ever present You can rest assured that our communication is true That my thoughts and actions are pure to you There are no games I secretly play
Because I love you, I will not dangle your past as leverage to guilt or shame you. I will not emotionally or mentally torture you  with ridiculous mind games. I will not ever physically lay a hand on you.
I will always protect you And stick by you like glue I will put your needs before mine And do all of this for not even a single dime I will treat you like you are the stars
Because I Love You, I can trust you.   I can smile and laugh and know you will be by my side today, tomorrow, years from now.
Because I love you I will be there to support you. Because I love you I will stand behind you when it feels like the rest of the world is falling apart. Because I love you
Can I trust you?    Isn't a question that needs to be asked. Will the thought of you, throwing it in my face hold true?                             No.   
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