'2017' 'becauseiloveyou' slam

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Because I love you, honesty will be ever present You can rest assured that our communication is true That my thoughts and actions are pure to you There are no games I secretly play
Because I Love You We will share respect for each other, not dominate with fear Because I Love You Trust will be plentiful, and control absent Because I Love You We will always be equal, with power extinct
The butterflies that flutter with the thought of them.Is that love?The chills you get as they mention your name.Is that love?
Because I love you, I have kept mt mouth shut and followed the butterflies.
Love is kind Love is good Everybody wants love, But do you know what love demands? Love demands trust Without trust, love is a bust
Because I love you I dont have to worry about my heart drifting off and finding a new home I can give you all of me knowing that in return you will hold my heart as if you were holding the key to life
To a special someone You bring the best of me I love you because you are charming to me My heart thumps faster every time I see you
Because I love you…  I will bring you food at 3 in the morning. Listen to you ramble about last night. Remember the stories of of all the fake love you were hoarding, From men who could never treat you right.
Because I Love You... The fear of holding babies
Have you ever woken up at 5 o’clock in the morning to another person’s face with drool on their pillow and hair sticking up everywhere and thought about how much you love them? 
Because i love you ill always be here and even when im far youll always feel near because youre in my heart  i have nothing to fear no doubts regardless of the scar  that he left  the scar you stiched up and healed.
Late at night when the wind is blowing She sees the curtains flowing at the end of your room Maybe it broadcasts more than the slowing Ebbing heartbeat of the times       The pebble is in her hand
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