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There are things even a photograph cannot capture. The moments preceding. The moments after. Both the backstory and destination left to be told with a snippet of time.    In this portrait, 
Open doors become left waiting at the diner "You look beautiful" turns to "I hate the color of that sweater" Holding hands becomes crossed arms and cold shoulders
BecauseILoveYou 3 Years Of Being Depressed 2 Years Of Not Giving In1 Year Of Searching For Someone Far From The Rest At Times We Confuse Love With Lust, But I'm Not ConfusedLove Is When Someone Makes You Feel At Ease Instead Of Feeling UsedIts not
love is boiling, scalding hot it rolls and rushes beneath itself desperate to take up more space than it left behind. if you take the plunge you are bound to get burned. if you ease yourself in
What makes us work? It all fits in a shoe box.   A needle strung with black thread. When we need to be stitched back together
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