'self worth' 'accepting' 'beauty' 'love'

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She was petite, Nice and sweet Dark complexion from her head to feet  Herself was who she was trying to find  Within was love and god combined  As her journey to happiness began to proceed 
Who am I to tell myself that I am worthless? Show me the user’s manual– Where does it say that being a human comes with self hatred? I am worthy:
Your love entices me. You can call it my favorite flavor. Its an erotic feeling that can not be controlled. Its flames forever leaving their marks upon my skin. Similar to your touch.
A Lot of people could tell you they don't recognize the person I am today I used to let the world drift by and follow the beaten trails laid out at my feet
 You stare at this glass every morning Wondering what will be said today You wish you could at least get a warning
I learned from my mistakes That my heart always aches Because I loved men Before I loved myself So now everyday  I dont turn away When I see myself in the mirror I stand tall and without a tear
Why would you think that you're unattractive you are more than just a heart emoji You're like a young Aphrodite A goddess of love and beauty A smile like yours can power a nation Make them move forward
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