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If my fate is written in the stars,  then never shall I look to the sky.    No part of this universe  can tell me who I am,  can tell me what I am.   
Death came to me and in my room Saw me in the corner, a deflated  balloon He asked "why are you this way?" & I replied  "I'm sorry I even tried"  I had these ideas of grandeur
I look in the mirror  Hoping to have the little girl Looking back at me  Only to see the dark eyed teen Which happens to be me   But childhood never seems so far
Little butterfly open up your wings and set yourself free. Go far away from here and don't cut your paper wings. 
Intro: Each of these stanzas was written seperately and the group together to make this poem     The madness is over But here I sit Wondering where this could be fixed Why is ignorant bliss 
One dead, Two dead, Three dead, four.   Five dead, Six dead, Could there be more?   The girl frightened from all the death she had seen
The moonlights glow seemed to burn And the kisses that scattered her skin casued bruises But there's always that day we leave our comfort zone The day that the fragile girl went up in flames
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