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when i couldn't turn to anyone words put on paper let me feel comfort in the simple words she, he, they a lover of poetry and people
Waves crashing, the smell of salt in the air, and the grit of sand beneath my feet, I feel it. Y’all, when asked a year ago, what one thing I would bring if I was going to a deserted island, I threw up the word brother as if it were word vomit. Lo
What is it to be queer? What is it to be black? What is it be cast from both sides of the same stone?
Maybe if society did not pressure us To have the “perfect relationship”, Maybe if society did not push A certain definition of love,
          Winter is leaving soon- are you prepared for spring? Another year has flown by- not ready to slow down. They say a new year another chance- a new year filled with opportunities.
A gorgeous mess she was Her body was like Heaven to a twenty-four hour sinner Everyone wanted her, but they couldn’t obtain The beautiful treasure that was locked inside
My dear Child,      I ask you to always walk on. When they speak your name with venom and hate and try to erase you walk on, child. When they force you into clothes that do not fit walk on, child.
Your heart is soft around the edges like watercolor, love painted in pretty shades of pink and blue.
  I’ve always liked writing in pen because the smeared ink serves as a good metaphor for my messy life;
It's 1:34 am and rather than dreaming, I'm staring at the white walls surrounded my room. The sound of your voice replays in my head, overtaking my thoughts despite how hard I try to forget you.
  Sprouted, growing, like a tree in her prime. One with this earth. Hand in the dirt. Fingers rooted, absorbing fertility, Becoming the support that keeps sauntering people above.
A day passes by, They hurt me for who I am, "I will get stronger"
  I don’t know what to do everytime I see you I want to be good I want to be true It’s hard for me to breath… and it’s not just because of my asthma.
Here is a poem to the people who last accepted us.
  Welcome to Love. Here we have anger and frustruation, Petty fights and lots of tribulations. Acceptance of imperfections, And comfort in another being. Wilted feelings, And terrible dreams.
I let out a shaky breath as I gaze around at the whiteness of the hospital “This is for her” I remind myself   Feeling the tears form in my eyes
Because I love you, I will not force you to do what you don't want. Because I love you, if something bad happens, I will not taunt. Because I love you, I will help you to be strong.
I stare into the mirror and see dark, murderous eyebrows. Seriously my eyebrows look like Norman Bates in the last 20 minutes of Psycho
I'm sorry I couldn't keep us alive. I'm sorry I couldn't hold you tight. I'm sorry for not being able to sufficiently provide. I'm sorry that for our safety we had to hide.
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