Once upon a time scholarship

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Once upon a time in a kingdom not too far from your own lived a maiden with skin dark as night and eyes bright like the stars when they shown. Her words came out strong and they hung heavy in the air.
Monday morning, cooking, and sweeping,     Decorating the house, it must be perfect.    For my house must be the best in the forest.       There is a munching, oh I hear a crunching.    
As cliche` as it sounds, this fairytale begins like all the rest, but this once upon a time, is at its very best.   Born in a kingdom were two twin girls, both bore beauty that the world never knew before,
Once there was a very red crab, who was very good at his job. Though he looked pretty drab, he was a very good crab, who was always ahead of the mob.   One day his charge ran away,
Once upon a time Live a dark fairy  Her name was MaleficentAnd she lived in the forest merrily But then, humans cameAnd she hid awayOne found herAnd tied her up to stay She learned to trust himAnd he learned to use herHe used sin to winThe love sh
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