facing fears

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Felt the same anxiety that he felt every morning Why don’t we go there now? We’ve wasted almost an entire day Without such love one’s dreams would have no meaning
The princesses stare at me with looks of innocence Each tempting as pieces of candy One cherry flavored taffy The others blue raspberry gummies I stared back with apathy and anxiety
Fear Conquerer of all,   Fear Sweaty palms, Choking on words,   Fear Failure to speak, Failure to reach out,   Fear No one will see, No one listens,
Dear my fears,   You’ve weakened me, but I have always overcame you. No matter the situation, I’ve surpassed the seemingly endless obstacles in which you have bombarded me with.
One upon a time there was a girl with hair of gold She was locked away in a dark tower, or so I'm told. But the truth is, Rapunzel did not want to go outside The last time that Gothel asked her to go out, she cried.
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