Captain Hook

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Once upon a time, Princess Dove lived a life of royalty. Once upon a time, Queen Cinderella and King Charming protected their little princess. Once upon a time, Captain Hook left the Jolly Roger. Once upon a time, An unexpected love began. This is
Tick Tock Tick Tock I'm unaccustomed to the silence His pipes no longer play the songs of youth. Phantom pains awaken in the place my heart was meant to be
There once was a man named Jones. He flew a flag of skull and crossbones. Then along came Pan. Who took his hand. And now it's a hook that he owns.
Once upon a time There were seven kingdoms Founded by seven sisters And blessed by an immortal witch The stories of these kingdoms You may find familiar But know that all is not as it was told  
The boy flies without a care, forgetful of a future he once knew yet now, he chooses to live unaware.   Wish as I could to change his fate, for if he continues this way
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