anxiety about the future

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Our bodies are a kaleidoscope, limbs entangled in damp silk, hearts pulsing to the drum of now, yesterday, today, tomorrow.   “You’re so perfect” you breathe, calluses tracing my veins,
    Dear 2017, I think I've lost the script. I just had it Revised and re-revised. Everyone wanted a say. So, what happened? Now, a storm's blown in Flipped the set over
One day, I will be great. I will be a great student. I will be a great worker. I will be a great person. I will be a great friend. I will be a great sister. I will be a great daughter.
The fence holds me back.  It´s barriers confine me and leave me with just enough room to breathe. My mind is blank.  I can´t even remember my name anymore. The fence speaks to me.
We the people Are the future of this country. We have reached an age Beyond which the future is unclear. So, as much as we can,
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