a new day

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My house is magic in the mornings. / Somehow, while I was sleeping, the air has transformed. / It's cleaner, sharper, new-day air, now. /  My mom is on the couch, reading a book and taking large gulps of too-hot tea.
The Sky Is a blank canvas Just past dawn Yearning for blue eyes, brown eyes, grey eyes, sad eyes, To acknowledge its beauty and potential.   The Sky Is a blazing masterpiece Of mixed hues
Morning Wake Up! A new day! The sun shines so bright…   What time is it? 8:54…?     I have class in six minutes! Run, run, run…!          Was that due today??
The sour taste in my mouth and the overwhelming scent of discontent crowd and clog my nostrils. My eyesight becomes clouded and distorted with the witnessing of disapproval and disappointment.
Welcome to the world, where sunrise begins each day. An epic struggle as night succumbs to the first ray of light, which is hope shining through the dark, surrounded by silence, the singing of a lark.
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